Flute Courses, Clarinet Courses and Saxophone Courses for Adult and Student Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone players.

Start and End Times

Please note that where a course ends at 11.30, the playing will finish at 11.00 which then allows time for you to pack away instruments and stands and to say goodbyes.

Giggleswick June 18.00after breakfast
Church Stretton 18.00 11.30
Earls Hall 1 Suffolk Students Course July 19th - 24th18.0012.00 after an 11.00am concert
Earls Hall 2 Suffolk18.0011.00
Earls Hall 3 Suffolk 18.0011.00
Earls Hall 4 Suffolk 18.0011.00
Earls Hall 5 Suffolk18.0011.00
Eardisland 1 18.0011.00
Eardisland 218.0011.00
Eardisland 318.0011.00
Eardisland 418.0011.00
Hope, Derbyshire18.0011.00
The Cotswolds 1 18.0011.00
The Cotswolds 2 18.0011.00
Eardisland December 3 nights18.0011.00