Flute Courses, Clarinet Courses and Saxophone Courses for Adult and Student Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone players.

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Thanks for the usual musical input but double thanks for the ‘at home’ hospitality and conviviality. A* cooking and wonderful conversation.  JC July 2021

Please enquire about our Waiting List if courses are full



Giggleswick, Yorkshire Dales

Saxophones SATB – Ensembles 

June 3rd – 7th   Full

Church Stretton, Shropshire 

June 7th – 10th  Flute Ensembles Full or Clarinet 1 : 1 Full

June 10th – 13th  Flute 3:2:1 Workshop Sessions. Tone, Technique, Trios, Duets & Solos  2 places or Clarinet Ensembles 2 places

Earls Hall, Cockfield, Suffolk

Earls Hall

July 19th – 24th      International Students Course. 

July 24th – 27th.    Bespoke 3:2:1  Flute/Clarinet/Saxophone  

July 27th -30th    Upgrade your Playing Woodwind Clinic     Flute/Clarinet/Saxophone combined.  

July 31st – August 4th .  Advanced Saxophone Ensembles SATB   or  Flute 3 : 2 : 1 trios, duets, solos course  

August 4th –  8th. Advanced Flute Ensembles/Workshop/Clinic  or Saxophone / Clarinet 1 : 1

Eardisland, Herefordshire




September 20th – 23rd Advanced Flute Ensembles or Clarinet Ensembles  Full

September 23rd – 26th Intermediate Flute Ensembles  Full or Clarinet 1 : 1 Full

September 27th – 30th Flute 3 :2:1 or Saxophone SATB  Full

September 30th – October 3rd Saxophone SATB  Full

Hope, Derbyshire 





November 4th – 7th Hope, Derbyshire 

Advanced Saxophones SATB  Full

Barnsley Village, The Cotswolds, Gloucestershire 

November 15th – 18th 2024  Flute Ensembles or Clarinet/Saxophone 1 :1

November 18th – 21st 2024  Flute Ensembles or Woodwind Workshop





Eardisland, Herefordshire

December 13th – 16th  Festive and Intensive Ensembles and Individual help 2 places left 

December 13th – 17th  Add on an extra night for even more intensive with 1 : 1 2 places left 

Courses in 2025 





Upper Seagry, Wiltshire

January 24th – 27th 2025  Flute Ensembles or Clarinet/Saxophone 1 : 1 

January 27th – 30th 2025 Clarinet Ensembles 54321 or Flute 321 

January 31st – February 2nd 2025 Flute 54321 or Clarinet/Saxophone 1 : 1 

February 5th – 8th 2025 Flute, Clarinet & Saxophone Workshop Intermediate Level 

Church Stretton, Shropshire

February 28th – March 3rd Advanced Flutes or 1 : 1 Clarinet/Saxophone 

March 3rd – 6th  Advanced Woodwind Workshop. Flute/Clarinet/Saxophone





Stoumont, Belgium

March 21st – 27th A Musical Retreat for Players, Partners and Friends  : Saxophones 





Treflez, Brittany, France

May 8th – 13th A Musical Retreat for Players, Partners and Friends : Flutes and Clarinets 

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