Flute Courses, Clarinet Courses and Saxophone Courses for Adult and Student Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone players.


Frequently asked questions


Do we book our own flights ?

We prefer you to book your own flights as these are then covered by your credit card insurance. *Debit cards do not carry the same cover.


Where possible, we advise you how to get from airport to destination and the average cost is advised in advance. We also aim, wherever possible, to link single travellers with others for transits and any car journeys. For those arriving by public transport, we often give a suggested meeting time so that a shared taxi can be pre booked to the venue.

Instruments as Hand Baggage

Please check with your carrier in advance. Flute and clarinet cases can be carried inside the permitted hand luggage. Saxophones are larger and so it depends on the individual carrier.  Some are more flexible than others.

Car share

Please let me know if you are willing to drive and share the cost between a number of people. Also, please ask if you would like to be part of such a share.

Under 18 Travel

We can offer meet and greet at stations, airports etc. This incurs an extra cost which depends on the destination.


Do I need a music stand ?

A music stand is almost always needed and a music stand light is a useful gadget!

Do I need to bring a towel ?

The final course information will specify this as each course varies.

Do I need to provide my own bedding ?

Adult courses are always fully provided for bedding needs.
We generally ask students to bring a pillow and sleeping bag as this allows for greater room flexibility


Will I need money ?

Generally, no extra money is needed on UK courses as all are fully inclusive.
Foreign courses are almost always half board and so an amount per day is needed for one meal, extra drinks, transport, sight seeing and souvenirs etc.


Do  I need to bring music ?

On most courses, it is good to bring a prepared solo piece or study or two.
Ensemble music is specially written by Nick, our resident arranger or selected to suit a specific group. This ensures that the parts cover everyone’s playing abilities from the most basic through to very advanced. Please feel free, however, to bring any favourite ensemble music that you may already have prepared or would like to be coached on.

Special Requests

Can I ask for a special diet ?

As always, we do our best to cater accordingly, so please ask and we will do what we can. Generally vegetarian is the normal option, but vegan, dairy and gluten free are possible. We use fresh products, cook healthily and with a degree of flair!
For students, toast, cereal, cold milk, fresh fruit are readily available if an extra snack is needed. “Selective” eaters are welcome to opt for plain pasta, plain potatoes, plain rice etc, but there is always something tasty and tempting to try!

Under 18’s

What are the arrangements ?

Students under 18 and Adult players are never placed on the same course.
We maintain 24 hour supervision and pastoral care and all tutors are police checked and parents themselves. The schedule is fixed each day from breakfast to bed time and is filled with a variety of activities. Days pass by quickly and with a sense of structure.
We have a zero tolerance for ‘negative’ behaviour and will deal with this accordingly. No student is allowed off site. Phones are put into a communal basket and not used at all from bed time until after breakfast. We discourage their use other than for essential contact. No one has time to message in class! Other electronic gadgets should be left at home, please…… Fingers are hard at work practising.

Over 18’s

Am I too old/young  ?

We never mix under 18’s with Adults and generally the age range is in the middle to mature bracket of life !

Everyone attends the courses to make music and to improve and we pride ourselves on creating an environment where all ages are welcome and can feel at home


What happens ?

Naturally, we are equipped to cope with the day to day small crisis, but anything requiring more than this may mean a course attendee attending a doctor or returning home for special care. Please bear this in mind when taking out insurance.



Student courses are full timetables with supervised recreational times and practice sessions built in. We begin at breakfast and end at bedtime !

Adults UK

Adult  UK courses take the general format of playing from 9.30 to lunch at 1.00 with a short early afternoon break or walk before re starting at around 4. 30 and then more sessions until dinner. There is usually a recreational playing session after supper each evening…..
Naturally, adults are free to dip in and out of the schedule as they wish.

Adults worldwide

Adult worldwide courses take the general format of sessions all morning with lunch out and free time to sightsee in the afternoon. We meet again ready to play into the evening and have dinner.

Playing levels

Adults – Will I be good enough ?

This varies from course to course.

  • A teacher’s course or the label Advanced indicates a high standard of playing and competent reading.
  • All comers – means that anyone is welcome of any level whatsoever.
  • Intermediate tends to mean a fair level of reading ability
  • Late starters, lapsed learners, ambitious adults, absolute beginners, nervous amateurs are all familiar titles to us.
         Ensemble parts are written to suit even the most novice or accomplished players.
         Please ask if you are unsure of the level of playing required in any course description.
The important thing for us is to give as accurate a picture as possible as to your achievements to date and any difficulties that we can help you to overcome.  
Don’t play safe and under assess yourself.  If you prefer easier parts, that is fine,  but if you want to play at your actual level and meet a suitable level of challenge,  then we need some guidelines.

An exam grade is one indicator of level,  but if you a non exam person,   we can also measure from the pieces you are currently working on. 

Don’t over assess yourself either,  just to get with better players or on a lead part.  This can cause problems for yourself and others in the group. 
Make your challenge a realistic one and everyone will be comfortable.
Students  –  Which course is for me ?Please be as accurate as possible in terms of playing level, exams achieved, current practice schedules and general motivation.   Age and grade level do not always fit easily into one category, so you will see that course levels/ages overlap.  Please chat to us before booking to make sure.

Professional Development

These courses can be for students with professional performance ambitions,

or for teachers/aspiring teachers and advanced players needing advice, playing tips or a boost and battery re charge.
You may also be a teacher on a second, third or subsequent study needing rudimentary help.


Can I have an ensuite room ?

Ensuite rooms are not always available and are allocated on a first booking system with a small supplement as stated in the course details.
After all ensuite rooms have been allocated, you will be offered a single room.

How does a twin share work ?

If we have another person requesting a twin share, then you can take this option, otherwise it is necessary to pay for a single room.

Can I bring a non playing partner/friend ?

Yes of course, so long as they share the same room and the price is indicated on the course details.  Partners/ friends are welcome to sightsee or  listen  to the classes each day, joining the party for meals.


  • Full Board includes breakfast, light lunch and full evening meal 
  • Half Board includes breakfast and evening meal
  • For UK courses, we provide a glass of wine/soft drink with evening meals 
  • Special diets can be catered for. Please let us know your needs and we will do our best! 
  • We do all the cooking and so menus are varied and well balanced. Meal times are a delicious and creative experience with flavours to suit all palates.