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Skype/Facetime/Private Lessons

Skype/Facetime lessons are a great solution for those who are too busy to have regular lessons on a weekly basis and for those who live too far away from a good teacher.

Flexibility is the key    :   Distance doesn’t matter!

Both Nick and Julie offer online lessons as it also suits their hectic professional schedules.

Private 1:1 lessons are often available.

Please ask for a trial session.

Dear Nick, I just wanted to write to you to say thank you for introducing me to online learning. I did know and have used online learning before, but was very sceptical, when you suggested it, as to whether one could actually be taught to play the saxophone and learn music via the internet. I can now say I am a convert. The last few lessons have been an eye-opener for me and I am quite happy to say it was just like having the teacher in the room. Your ability to pick up mistakes, both in the notes and the technique surprised me. I was hoping to get away with a few things, but it seems that is not going to be the case. The fact that we also interact as if you are in the room is also very reassuring.I will of course still want to come to courses, as being with other players is very helpful, challenging and fun, but I can say that there is no reason whatsoever to think that you cannot learn just as much via the internet as you can face to face.Thank you again,: JW

It is straightforward  to set up a tablet, in my case an iPad, such that Julie can see your embouchure and hear your playing.  Julie’s acute ear means that she can offer the appropriate advice throughout the lesson while also providing written notes.  One gets 90% of the benefit of a lesson in person.  Having started this method of teaching with some scepticism I am absolutely converted.’ PH

‘Skype lessons are so beneficial. I was a bit hesitant at first, unsure how it could really work but lockdown forced my hand and I am so glad it has. It is a great way of learning and Julie can hear everything! It is also good for a busy life as you just turn on your computer and are there with no travelling to and from. I am thoroughly enjoying learning by Skype and intend to continue with this method long after lockdown.’ EB

“I have been having half hour Skype lessons for over a year now with Julie and really enjoy them.  It is just like having her in the room with you – she is still able to hear every nuance of note and every bump in the breathing!  Each time we do a good mixture of scales, exercises and pieces and Julie has given me some great tunes to play.  It is a great way to keep up your practice and once downloaded, Skype is so easy to use.”SS

I have been learning to play alto sax with Nick for the the past 18 months. We have been doing half hour Skype video calls on a weekly basis. I have found this to be an excellent way of learning and has the advantage of being flexible and being able to do it from your own home.
When I can, I also attend Nick’s residential courses which are well worth doing. GC

Dear Nick, You know how much I have always appreciated “Flutes En Vacances” courses. I remember the first time I approached you looking for a Skype lesson.  I did not really appreciate the value they would be to me in comparison to any face to face lessons but I have loved them from the very first session. Every lesson has surpassed my expectation and improved my clarinet playing.  I did not realize that  you would be able to detect and work on problems with pitch and tome over the digital media.  This has been a happy revelation for me.  I am thrilled that I had become familiar with this format before the lock down occurred as otherwise would be unable to participate in face to face or group music making sessions.  It is a great opportunity to manage the highest level of tutelage  into my usually busy life.  No stressful car journey before the lesson.  I simply prepare myself to play from my own living room, have a quick warm up, and wait for the Skype call.  I would absolutely and completely recommend it as a high quality lesson format for any musician or aspiring musician so long as there are still session times left for me.  With gratitude from a very satisfied Skype student.  JE