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Edinburgh 2020

Julie and Nick at work – share their worldwide experiences in schools

Thailand March 2020

MoscowAAS January/February 2020

Fettes Prep School January 2020

We were delighted to welcome back the dynamic musical duo of JulieWright and Nick Foster for a fun-filled day of workshops. Nick and Julie travel the world, giving motivational sessions to children from nursery and kindergarten level, right through to conservatoire and aspiring professional musicians, as well as leading ‘Worldwide Woodwind Workshops. M and P Form pupils had engaging sessions playing musical games and ensemble pieces on recorders and xylophones. Next came the Woodwind Ensemble, Jazz Band, Flute Group and Orchestra players, who were taken on a musical adventure with no less than nine new pieces of music to work on for a performance at the end of the day! The children practised incredibly hard, demonstrating talent, determination, focus and impressive teamwork and our wonderful guests made sure that every session was educative, fun and inspiring for all.The concert was a huge success with some uplifting, characterful playing from every group.

Well done to all and a huge thank you to Nick and Julie for a wonderful day.

International School of the Eastern Seaboard, Pattaya, Thailand

December 2019


Moieciu de Sus, Transylvania, Romania

September 2019

Kid’s College, Seoul, South Korea

April 2019

Anglo American School, Moscow

January 2019

Saturday Workshop and Concert

“Nick and Julie went above and beyond to bring an exciting, relevant and energizing presentation that instilled vigor and a passion for music in students well past the time Nick and Julie had left the school.”

Anglo American School, Moscow, January 2019 

Interactive Classroom Presentations

Anglo American School, Moscow

January 2019

Woodwind Coaching Sessions is High School and Middle School 

Fettes College Prep School, Edinburgh, Scotland

January 2019

St Petersburg and Moscow, January 2018

Presenting to early years from pre kindergarten

Coaching starter ensembles

 Weekend Workshop and Concert

Year 5 Band

Individual Lessons

Coaching A Saxophone Group

Bangkok, Thailand 2017

Presenting motivational concerts to Middle School at NIST, Bangkok

Shrewsbury International School – working with each Band Group with 2 notes and more……!

Moscow 2017

Julie and Nick giving group lessons, 1 : 1 sessions, coaching ensembles and presenting to year groups at the AAS

St Petersburg

Julie and Nick with Kindergarten and pre Kindergarten at the AASSP,  January 2017

Do it like this, Julie …..!

South Korea

Julie with the Kids College, Gwanganaru, Seoul, South Korea, April 2016


Coaching flutes at the Shanghai American School, China  March 2016

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Coaching saxophones at the Shanghai American School, China  March 2016

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Presenting to groups in AAS Moscow and St Petersburg Schools January 2016

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Teaching groups of flute, recorder, saxophone and clarinet players

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1 : 1 sessions are invaluable especially when only large group tuition is available.

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