Flute Courses, Clarinet Courses and Saxophone Courses for Adult and Student Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone players.

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The Cotswolds, Gloucestershire 

February 8th – 11th. Advanced Flutes

February 11th-14th.  Flute and Clarinet Workshops/Ensembles

February 14th -17th. Saxophone Ensembles

February 17th -21st. Clinic Level 1 : near beginners to Grade 4 

Milton Combe near Yelverton, Devon

March 29th- April 1st or April 1st -5th 

Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone Workshops and Small Ensembles 

Mokosica near Dubrovnik, Croatia

May 10th -14th and 14th – 18th  Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone Workshops and Small Ensembles

Giggleswick, near Settle, Yorkshire Dales

June 10th -14th Saxophone Workshops and Ensembles SATB 

Burford, Shropshire

June 14th -17th or June 17th – 21st Flute & Clarinet Bespoke, Workshops + Ensembles  Bespoke 

Earls Hall, Cockfield, Suffolk 

July 19th – 22nd. Woodwind Clinic Level 2/3 Grades 3-8   

July 22nd-25th. Flute Ensembles + Bespoke Clarinet/Sax

July 25th – 31st. Students’ International Summer School

July 31st – August 4th Bespoke Flute or Advanced Sax Ensembles

August 4th – August 8th  Advanced Flute Ensembles 

Hastingleigh, near Wye, Kent

August 20-27th Trevor Wye International Flute Studio

August 24th -26th. Private Studio 1:1 sessions

August 27th -30th + August 30th – September 3rd. Woodwind Clinic 1; near beginners to Grade 4

Transylvania, Romania

September 13th -20th. Flute or Saxophone Ensembles and Workshops

September 20th -26th. Flute, Clarinet + Saxophone Workshops + Ensembles 

Lakeside Barns, Rugeley, Staffordshire

October 4th -7th Bespoke Flute with Clarinet Workshops and Ensembles 

October 7th -11th Flute Workshops and Ensembles with Bespoke Clarinet

Hope, Derbyshire

November 1st – 4th Saxophone Ensembles SATB

November 4th – 8th. Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone Workshops, Ensembles and 1:1 help.

The Cotswolds, Gloucestershire

November 8th -11th   Woodwind Clinic Level 2  Intermediate Levels

November 11th – 15th  Flute Ensembles and Workshops Sessions and Clarinet Bespoke



February 14th – 17th   Advanced Flutes and Saxophone Bespoke

February 17th – 20th   Just Clarinets with Nick and Bespoke Flute with Julie

February 20th – 23rd   Intermediate to Advanced Saxophone Workshop Sessions/Ensembles SATB with Nick or Bespoke Flute with Julie

February 23rd – 26th   Flute Workshop Sessions/Ensembles and Saxophone Clinic for Grades 1 – 5

February 26th – 27th.  24 hour ‘quick fix’ for Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone

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