Flute Courses, Clarinet Courses and Saxophone Courses for Adult and Student Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone players.

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Accommodation ranges from single/double/twin ensuite or not ensuite, occasional “cheap and cheerful’ beds in a private sitting room or a small apartment with kitchenette, bathroom and living facilities – all dependent on the venue.


February 14th - 17thThe Cotswolds 1
Advanced Flutes and Saxophone 1:1
February 17th - 20thThe Cotswolds 2
Clarinet Clinic/Ensembles and Flute Bespoke
February 20th - 23rdThe Cotswolds 3
Saxophone Ensembles Int - Advanced and Flute 1 :1 Workshops/Small Ensembles
February 23rd - 26thThe Cotswolds 4
Woodwind Clinic Level 1 - a first stage course from near beginners to Grade 5
February 26th - 27th The Cotswolds 5
24 hour quick fix for Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone
March 27th - 30thRugeley 1, StaffordshireWoodwind Clinic.
Flute/Clarinet/Saxophone Masterclasses, Ensembles and Workshops
March 30th - April 3rdRugeley 2, StaffordshireFlute Workshops and Ensembles or Just Clarinets Advanced Masterclass, Workshops and Ensembles Course.
May 7th - 13th and 13th - 19th Braga District, PortugalFlutes/Clarinets/Saxophones
June 8th-12th Giggleswick, Settle, Yorkshire Dales, UKSaxophone Ensembles SATB
Flute Bespoke 1 : 1
June 12th - 19thBurford, Shropshire2 consecutive courses.
1 :1 or Masterclass, Workshops and Ensembles
July 17th - August 6th. Earls Hall, Cockfield, Suffolk5 consecutive courses
August 18th - 25th Hastingleigh, Kent Trevor Wye International Flute Course
August 19th - 25th Hastingleigh, Kent Private Studio Sessions with Julie
August 21st -25th Hastingleigh, Kent Private Studio Sessions with Nick.
August 25th -28th Hastingleigh, Kent Woodwind Clinic Level 1
August 28th - September 1st Hastingleigh, Kent Woodwind Clinic Level 1
September 12th - 19th Sicily 1
Lascari, Collesano, Sicily, Italy
Its a Musical House Party and a Woodwind Clinic Course for Flutes, Clarinets, Saxophones
September 19th - 26th Sicily 2
Marsala, Trapani province, Sicily, Italy
Saxophone Ensembles SATB or Advanced Flute Ensembles

Partners are welcome on all courses. 

Dinner Table laughs and chats

Dinner Table laughs and chats – players and partners

Flute courses

Clarinet courses

Saxophone courses

For those looking for a musical holiday in Europe or further afield, check the courses in …


Sicily, September 2020


Thailand, March 2021