Flute Courses, Clarinet Courses and Saxophone Courses for Adult and Student Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone players.

Saxophone Playing Levels

Venue and Saxophone Levels

* denotes a Bespoke Course
Beginners. Grade 1-3Intermediate. Grade 4-6Advanced. Grade 7-8+
The Cotswolds 1 √*√*√*
The Cotswolds 2 xxx
The Cotswolds 3 xx√*
The Cotswolds 4 xx
The Costwolds 5xx
The Cotswolds 6
Venice, Italy
The Old Rectory, Burford, Shropshirexxx
The Old Rectory, Burford, Shropshirexxx
Earls Hall, Suffolk 1xx
Earls Hall, Suffolk 2√*√*x
Earls Hall, Suffolk 3studentsstudentsstudents
Earls Hall, Suffolk 4xx
Earls Hall, Suffolk 5xx√*
Hastingleigh, Kent√*√*√*
Girona Spain 1 √*√*√*
Girona, Spain 2 √*√*√*
Hop House, Sittinbourne, Kent√*√*√*
Hope, Derbyshire 1 x√*
Hope, Derbyshire 2 xxx
The Cotswolds 1 xx
The Cotswolds 2 xx